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A blue beanie style hat featuring cabled anchors at the front and back, and basic cables on the sides

A black beanie in 2x2 rib with red, yellow, and white stripes knit in linen stitch

A multicoloured shawl in close up

Mixed red, white, and green coaster and trivet with flower petal edges knit in garter stitchA multicoloured shawl with several sections, each with its own lace pattern.
Cables shift up and across the surface of a generously sized seed stitch tote bag

The subtle texture of simple knit and purl patterns in a scarf.

Moss stitch and basic cables, simple but effective

Braid cables centered in each moss stitch wedge give this tam a lovely crown.
A panel of familiar cables wends its way from cuffs to tips on a pair of warm woolly mittens

Comfortable 2x2 ribbing pairs with a familiar cable panel for a functional and stylish pair of fingerless mitts

An interlaced lace pattern knit in a gradient yarn makes for a playful scarf for walking in a light snow

Showing both sides of its reversible design at once, Rínce Fada (rink-a fa-da) is stirred in the late fall wind

Close up view, highlighting the short-row extended 2x2 ribbing, and the classic combination of cables with moss stitch.

A dancer's legs from the knees down en pointe in hardshoes shows the close-fit of these cabled and textured legwarmers

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