Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fastening Off While Looking Ahead

Have you checked out the Fasten Off Yarn-a-Long database of designers and patterns yet? The sale portion ends tomorrow, December 6th! Already?! Time really does fly when you're having fun :) Here's the link to the official site where you can find all the details and the fabulous database: Fasten Off Yarn-a-Long🔗

Don't fret though; the a-Long portion goes to 11:59pm EST on New Year's Eve, and the chatter will continue for the first few days of 2022 if the first Fasten Off is anything to go by. C'mon and join us! 

Fasten Off going through to the New Year has been giving thoughts for KDRDesigns and 2022. I didn't release anything new in 2021. 2022 is going to be busy!

Here's a peek at my plans and some ideas I'm considering:

1. I'm in the midst of changing up the look of my patterns. Nothing important is changing about them, to be clear. A better layout, with my logo added on, plus new (and frankly way better) photos are on the way! I'm excited about this refresh. My hope is to have this done early in the new year. 

2. I'll be looking for test-knitters for the first pattern I'll be publishing in 2022. I'll have a post here and on Instagram when that's ready to go. I'm working on the sample currently,  and then it has to go to my brilliant techeditor before I can even think about giving it to test-knitters. And yes, that means a new dance pattern coming out! 

3. I'm toying with a mystery knit-a-long. I think I could run it via Instagram. It's a scarf so I'd be timing it for September/October, right in time for the cooler weather. We'll see if it comes together right! 

4. Depending on how quickly samples get knit, there could be at least 2 additional test-knit opportunities for 2022! And that would be 2 more pattern releases. You're all going to get sick of me in 2022! ;) 

That's how 2022 is summing up!

Don't forget to check out the Fasten Off sale before the end of tomorrow!! 25% off is a good deal and you'll support Independent designers, like me.

Yours in yarn & grandiose plans for the future,

Monday, November 29, 2021

Fastening Off with a Minor Surgery

Hello again :)

I'm pleased to say outside of some remaining tenderness I've come through my procedure last Wednesday just fine. I'd like to shoutout to the amazing and wonderful nurses, both in the day surgery area and the surgical nurses, who are just fantastic at their jobs and such kind and caring individuals. Thank you for everything you do! 💗

I was able to knit in the day surgery area until a surgical nurse came to take me to the OR, so I worked on Sil's blankie. Stockinette in the round with single increases at four points every round is excellent for tv watching, waiting rooms, and fairly much mindless knitting. Sistwerp chose a ball of Red Heart Roll With It Sparkle in a pastel rainbow colorway called "Magic". Of course, on the circular needle it doesn't look like a blankie (more like a little purse) but here's the latest photo of it:
A section of stockinette knitting project in progress on a circular needle. The colors shade from a light moss green at the bottom through aqua to light blue to periwinkle to lavender. Throughout the yarn has a silver thread with it. There is an orange pin marker right along where the work transitions from periwinkle to lavender. 

The top of the orange marker is where I started knitting at the hospital, so roughly an inch to inch and a half done during my wait time :) 

Alright! Let's get down to talking about Fasten Off Yarn-a-Long! This is my favorite topic right now :)

What is Fasten Off Yarn-a-Long? It's a month long event to promote independent knitting, crochet, loom knitting, and Tunisian crochet pattern designers! It kicks off with a week long pattern sale (101 participating designers have put 2,362 patterns into this year's sale!) and then there's the a-Long portion which is all about crafting together from the patterns of participating designers. The a-Long takes place across several social platforms: the Fasten Off Discord channel🔗, Instagram🔗, Twitter🔗, and Facebook🔗, so you can join in wherever you normally hangout! There are also games on each platform and prizes are available to be won :)

Time for some specifics on Fasten Off Yarn-a-Long 2021!

The pattern sale will take place from 9pm EST on November 30th to 11:59pm EST on December 6th. All patterns in the Fasten Off database (2,362 of them!) will be 25% off with the coupon code FO2021. This is available on whichever sales platform(s) (designer's own site, Payhip, Etsy) the designer has specified. My patterns in the sale are available through the FOYAL tab here on this site as well as in my Payhip store (link in the sidebar).

The a-Long takes place from 9pm EST November 30th to December 31st (last year we were up past midnight EST lol) Start a new project from one of the participating designers (there are 101 to choose from!), and chat with others doing the same :)

Please note that only for sale patterns are eligible to win prizes; you may have gotten the pattern cheaper than the regular price, or even for free, through a coupon, giveaway, or test-knit, etc. What matters is normally the pattern is paid for. 
We're promoting and supporting independent designers :)

For games, the bingo card has returned. This was a favorite for many of last year's participants. New this year will be a Scavenger Chain, a Picture Party, and a Share Your Memories on Discord and each game will also be on at least one other social media platform. Random entries will win a free pattern of the winner's choice from one of the participating designers. 

All of the more in-depth information about the sale, a-long, and games can be found on the official website:

I hope you'll join us in this fun inclusive event to promote independent pattern designers :) 

A stylized globe with a yarn tail with a crochet hook and straight knitting needle poking though it. Below this is sale dates and information for the Fasten Off Yarn-a-Long: sale runs November 30th to December 6th by using code FO2021. This will take 25% off any patterns listed in the database of the event.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Start Spreading the News...

The Fasten Off Yarn Along is back!

And yes, I'll be participating as both a designer and a volunteer again this year :) Last year's event was a lot of fun so how could I not? 

What is the Fasten Off Yarn Along?

I'm so glad you asked! The Yarn Along is an Off-Ravelry, inclusive event in celebration of Independent Designers of Knitting and Crochet Patterns. This includes designers of Tunisian crochet and Loom knitting patterns as well. It starts with a pattern sale and follows with a month long craft along.

All of the specific details, including a timeline of events, can be found on the official website: Fasten Off Yarn-A-Long 2021🔗 I'll also be posting follow up posts here.

So that's it for today! Designer signups are taking place, and I need to get on that!

Yours in yarn and Fastening Off,