Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fasten Off Yarn Along 2020

A 4 piece collage. The upper left is the Knit Dance Repeat Designs logo. The upper right is a stylized yarn ball with a crochet hook and two straight knitting needles poked into it which is the Fasten Off Yarn Along logo. It was purple type reading "Fasten Off Yarn Along Designer 2020" along the top. This quarter is also bordered in purple. The lower left is the same except in place of "designer" it says "participant". The bottom right is bordered in gold and features the learn ball logo and says "Fasten Off YAL" followed by the two hashtags #FastenOffYAL and #FastenOff2020.

I mentioned this last post and now I have more details to share!

Fasten Off Yarn Along, the OffRav indy knit and crochet designer pattern sale and make along, starts on November 25th! Wednesday! Tomorrow!

So first off is the pattern sale. 93 designers, including me, will be offering a selection of their patterns at 25% off their usual price starting on November 25th and ending on December 5th. The sale code is the same across the board, on any platforms the designers choose to set it up on: FO2020. For example, the code will be good on all of my designs (except my ebook because it isn't fully complete yet) both here on KDR (see the sidebar labeled My Patterns --->) and in my Payhip shop (link also in the sidebar). All designers participating have at least one OffRav option for your safe pattern shopping, whether that be their own site, Payhip, or Etsy.

And I'm sure you're wondering what other designers are getting involved, and how to find them. Never fear! The crack team of Kathleen & Rachy have thought of that. There is website located here (also linked in the sidebar of this blog under Other Sites of Interest) which has searches of both designers and patterns, plus by craft, category, and who will wear it/use it.

What about the make along portion? I'm so glad you asked. This event is cross-platforms, and not just sales platforms!! There is a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and a Discord server! Participate with whichever ones you're most comfortable with. If you're using Twitter and Instagram in particular, be sure you use the hashtags: #FastenOffYAL & #FastenOff2020 so your posts can be found and get the make along love they deserve. I have to say, I'm really liking Discord for chatting despite just learning how to use it. Old cats can learn new tricks! ;) 

The make along portion of events starts at 9pm EST (GMT -5) on November 25th (giving you time to buy a pattern or two first) and wraps up December 31st at 11:59pm EST (GMT -5)! Stay in and make along with old and new friends to Fasten Off 2020! There will be chatter and crafting and fun and community!!! Join in and help Fasten Off 2020 in crafterly style!

During the entire make along period, there will also be prizes! Each participating designer is donating free patterns of the winner's choice, plus there have been some generous donations of gadgets, and even yarnie goodness!! And there will be games! What's more fun than fibery games? Well, besides crafting that is! 

I hope you'll be joining in with me at the Fasten Off Yarn Along. I'll be cheering participants on, answering any questions, and making sure this is a fun and safe event for everyone. Unless someone is rude or bullying or using harassing language. That has no place at an inclusive yarn community event, and I will delete any harmful posts if they pop up on my watch. The code of conduct is posted on the Fasten Off Yarn Along site. It really boils down to be respectful and have fun while allowing other participants to do the same.

Now, I need to find those pompoms so I can properly cheer everyone on...

I wasn't kidding, I totally have pompoms at the ready:
A cartoon version of myself wearing a red tank top and skirt, waving pompoms with the words "Go You!" in bold blue type edged in yellow.

Yours in yarn and pompom glory,

Monday, November 9, 2020

All the News That's Fit to Print

 Well, maybe not quite, but there's a bit to talk about.

First let me draw your attention upwards, to the blog header. Notice anything different? (hint hint wink wink) I played around and tried a few different things and I really like this one. It's much simpler than some of the others I came up with, which I'll let you in on:
Black & white: The words "Knit Dance Repeat Designs" ring around the silhouette of an Irishdancer that is filled in with a part of a knitted piece.

Black on white: "Knit" is centered at the top. A silhouette of an Irish dancer is in the center of the image. To the left of the dancer is the word "Dance". To the right of the dancer is the word "Repeat". Centered at the bottom of the image is the word "Designs".

Black on white: The logo is in three sections. The top section is the words "Knit Dance". The center section is the image of a stylized ball of yarn and the silhouette image of an Irish dancer. The bottom section is the words "Repeat Designs".

Black on white: The logo has three horizontal sections. The top section is the words "Knit Dance". The center section is of three images, two stylized balls of yarn with the silhouette of an Irish dancer between them. The bottom section is the words "Repeat Designs ".
Oh the fun of picture editing apps! 

As you know if you've been reading along, (and if you haven't, you can catch up here, here, here, and here) R*velry hasn't been very responsive about their redesign fiasco. Unfortunately, that's causing a lot of issues for at least one designer I know. Tania has been suffering greatly during this mess and R*velry's response to her request for an alternative way to pay her bill is absolutely despicable! You can find it here on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The vast majority of designers don't have staff they can give access to in the manner suggested. And giving access to a trusted friend or relative puts the designer at risk for going against GDPR regulations in EU countries, as well as the UK! At the very least the suggestion is unuseful to recommend something that could cost a designer that has already lost her a good portion of her earnings this year. Or was it more sinister and the suggestion was meant to make said designer disappear, along with her nagging requests for accommodation. And yes, I may be a bit over the top with that suggestion, but considering the gaslighting done by persons at R*velry is it really a stretch to consider that possibility? 

Here's some good news! A number of designers are banding together to put together an event similar to the Indie Gift-A-Long, but Off R*velry. Kathleen of WIP Insanity and Rachy of Rachy Newin Designs are our intrepid organizers for the Fasten Off Yarn Along! There will be a pattern sale period, followed by the Along part of the fun. There's a Discord forum set up for chatter, pre-event as well as during. You can find the official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Fasten Off Yarn Along by following the links I've given. I'm excited to be participating in this new event! I'll post more as we get closer!

On the knitting front, I'm splitting time between the Hornpipe Bag and a blanket for my furry nephew. Here's the latest pic of the HB:
Looking at the bag from a corner, to the left is a colored knotwork in progress on a black background, and to the right is a black knotwork motif in progress on a colorful background. The motifs are about halfway complete.

For Jakey's blanket, I've knit a dishcloth (Cat with paw print by Susan Mrenna. I had this in my R*velry library; I don't know if it's available elsewhere), and then picked up stitches around the edge, and I'll be working the rest according to Louise Tilbrook's Fuss Free Baby Blanket recipe; sadly, it's no longer available, a casualty of removing her patterns from R*velry this summer. (You can find her other designs either on her site or in her Payhip shop.) Fairly simple and makes excellent use of some odds and ends I have. Jakey always liked snuggling with Maureen's blankie, which I've put up since her passing in 2018, so I think he should have his own. Little cuddler that he is. How can I not when he gets under my fleece like this:
A long haired black and white cat (Jakey) snoozes peacefully under the edge of a tan fleece blanket that he is also sleeping on. One paw is curled over the edge the blanket, as in the often seen storybook pose.

Isn't he precious? He'll be 7 in a week! Seems like yesterday he was 10 weeks old and uncertain about everything to do with his new home.

And that brings this post back around to me. You may remember I was in St. John's last month for a medical appointment. I had a phone appointment with my doctor last week to hear the results. There were abnormal cells. I'm being referred to a specialist; thankfully, there's a couple here and I won't need to travel. So that's where that is. Injury recovery has taken a bit of a backseat this last while. I manage my passive stretches a couple times a week. I just don't have much energy for more than that. I'd like to burrow under the covers and hibernate it that's not a feasible option with so much on the go. I digress.

What are your crafting plans looking like? Thinking of joining in on the fun of the Fasten Off Yarn Along? ;) Or maybe you're under a pile of mittens for the family before winter truly takes hold. I'd love to hear what's on your needles!

Yours in yarn and cat fur (Jakey is supervising his blankie construction),